CEPGB05 Abaco Stone Vacuum Lifter ASVL100 GA4542C
Challenger Marble CG 5"
Our Price: $49.99
The Challenger Marble CG electroplating has the best technology available for fast, clean and chip-free cutting of marble and soft stones. This blade will give great life on any soft stones such as marble, limestone, onyx or travertine.

Abaco 100 Stone Vacuum Lifter (model SVL100) is the biggest lifter in this family and has 4 Suckers for superior lifting of heavier slabs. The minimum slab dimensions are 52" x 28-3/8". This lifter also has an inclination between 0°-90°. The maximum safe lifting capacity is at 2,200 Lbs


Designed for lifting, moving, and installing large-size slabs
Superior vacuum lifter will satisfy every requirement
The rubber suction pads protect the slab from scratching
The suction pressure maintains stability and prevents the falling of slab

The Makita 4-1/2" SJSII High Power Angle Grinder (GA4542C) combines power, convenience, comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting industrial performance. It is ideal for cutting, grinding ferrous metal, paint and rust removal, shipyard maintenance, metal polishing, general steel grinding, auto repair work, cutting brick and masonry, restoration work and more.

  • Powerful 12.0 AMP motor delivers more output and variable (2,800 - 11,000) RPM
  • SJSII provides a leaf spring and cam gear drive mechanism that is engineered to reduce vibration
  • SJSII provides a mechanical gear drive to help prevent motor and gear damage by dampening the force on the gear when the wheel is forced to stop
  • Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Electronic Controller is a three-part electronic feature designed to provide the required power in high torque applications for increased tool life
Challenger T Turbo
Our Price: $69.99
5" Alpha Eclipse Q Blade
Our Price: $45.86
Super fast. Clean cut. Diamond side protection. Wet & Dry use.
Supreme Adhesives - Miter Blend Knife Grade
5 Gallon

Miter Blend is a innovative (Translucent) fast cure adhesive for granite, marble, and quartz .
It is engineered to withstand the pressures of CNC and Automatic Edge Machines.
When it comes to translucent fast cure adhesives, Miter Blend has no equal.

MSDS: http://stonetoolsupply.com/v/vspfiles/templates/AB/MSDS/supreme%20adhesives%20MiterBlend%20PolyEpoxy-MSDS-NEW2013.pdf
General Purpose Blade for High-Speed Angle Grinders

Alpha® Eclipse Q is ideal for general purpose use on common
building materials such as masonry, concrete and tile. Together with the
Quad Drive adapter, this blade is designed to fit on most of the
high-speed angle grinders for "flush cutting" commonly found in the
stone and construction industries. Similar in design to Alpha® Plus,
Alpha® Eclipse Q is versatile and will cut tile, brick, block, concrete,
slate and natural stone accurately and cleanly. Tile installers, masons
and general contractors will find Alpha® Eclipse Q to be a reliable
blade that will meet the challenges of cutting modern building products.
The blade is cost-effective, long lasting and provides consistent
results without chipping. The Alpha® Eclipse Q has no equal when
comparing price to performance.
The new Zenesis Black bridge saw blades are the newest innovation to the world's most advanced patterned diamond technology. The new style segments provide the life you expect from a Zenesis with an approximately 20% increase in cutting speed over the Zenesis II. These blades are available in 12", 14", 16", 18" and 20" sizes. All these blades have large 25 mm segments and a 50/60 mm arbor. Akemi Transformer Exotic

A color enhancing sealer, suitable to enhance, darken and bring out the
natural color of any stone and protect it from some stains. Transformer
is also used to color match the edges of finished granite countertops that
have been treated with a darker resined epoxy surface. High coverage on
polished stones.

  • Highly concentrated formula
  • For highly resonated stones

400-500 square feet per liter
Aggressor Wet Pads
Grit: 400

Aggressor dry pads are aggressively priced without compromising durability, flexibility and Polish.

• Excellent polish and price, for a 3mm Premium Wet Pad.
• 4000 MAX RPM