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Flex Profiler 2106VR
Our Price: $1,724.00

What you are purchasing is a high quality 2106VR Flex 40mm Profiler/Miller. After roughing in your edge design on your slab, using this tool will give you a uniform and consistent edge. Whether you are doing a bullnose, ogee or other design this tool coupled with our diamond router bits will let you get the job done right, leaving a totally profession crafted edge on your stone! The Flex uses a _ gas arbor, so when purchasing router bits for this machine they must have a male _ gas arbor. So here is the scenario for you: You take a grinding cup and knock off the excess material from your slab, put the router bit on this tool, hook up the water to it and plug it in and it will glide on top of your granite slab giving you a perfect edge design which is now ready to polish. Sound easy? It is!
Our Price: $3,199.99

This is the best stone router available. With our unique NWS belt drive you can cut harder and faster with a 2hp motor than with a basic flat belt and a 5hp motor. This results in less cost to you now and in the future! Click photo for more information.

This is the best stone router available.

With our unique NWS belt drive you can cut harder and faster with a 2hp motor than with a basic flat belt and a 5hp motor. This results in less cost to you now and in the future!

We believe in giving the customer the best tools available. When we looked at the other routers available for the stone market we were appalled. Nowhere could we find a router with a spindle that is guaranteed to never slip and rob power from the bit. Very few of them floated on a protective layer of water and the ones that did, were not balanced very well. Most of the routers that have hydroplaning bases are only available as an add-on, at extra expense! We found that one of the biggest head aches of using other routers was having to carry around a converter box for the 3 phase motors (great, more parts to breakdown). We built the Red Ripper from the ground up to be a no-frills, high-performance, easy to use router, exclusively for the stone industry.

The new stone profiling Router includes:
Red Ripper Router - 2HP 110V FLA 18.8

Premium water hose quick disconnect
GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
(router bits sold separately)
Technical Specifications:


New Higher Torque Spindle
8100 RPM Spindle for
greater tool life!
TEFC Lincoln Induction Motor
2hp 110v at 18 Amps
Unique NWS Belt System
Rubber Non-Scratch Hydroplane Base
Quick Water Disconnect
Uses standard 7/8" Router Bits
All Connections Mounted Vertical
Easy-Adjust Locking Spindle!
Only 65 Pounds in Weight!
Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!

Our Price: $4,499.00

SECTOR TRIPLESPEED allows to exploit the properties of every single tool to their maximum and work any material (the diffusion of synthetic materials make necessary an intermediate speed not to make opaque the resin bonded components).This simple process keeps the same schedule and costs both on simple profiles (full bullnose, bird's beak etc) and on of bigger complexity.

The shaping and polishing process is realized into a number from 5 to 7 phases, according to the kind of material.
The three different tool rotation speeds can be set through the S1, S2 and S3 pushbuttons:

Max speed (10000 rpm): Stock removal and finishing of natural materials (marble, granite)

Intermediate speed (6000 rpm): Stock removal and finishing of any type of synthetic material

Min. speed (2600 rpm): Polishing of both natural and synthetic materials by vulcanized GHINESTOOLS wheels

High power, constant torque
SECTOR TRIPLESPEED is equipped with an electronic vectorial inverter to optimize the supplied power, maintaining constant the torque at any rpm.

Universal supply tension
Even if equipped with a three phase motor, SECTOR TRIPLESPEED is supplied with single phase 230V/50-60Hz, therefore it can be plugged in standard single phase outlets.

You also receive less than online price if you choose any of our EdgeArt diamond Router Bits.

Spindle (stainless steel)
- Rotation speeds: 2600, 6000 or 10000 rpm
- Rise and fall: 35 mm

Framework: die-casted aluminum
Power: 2 kW
Electronic vectorial inverter
Supply tension: 230V/50-60Hz single-phase
Ground fault interrupter

Dimensions, Weight
- Operating head: 350 x 550 x 350 mm, 33 kg
- Power unit: 370 x 470 x 230 mm, 15 kg