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Our Price: $264.99

The Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher accepts 3-inch, 4-inch, or 5-inch discs, so you can complete everything from detail work to large-scale projects. Variable speeds of up to 3,600 rpm allow you to choose the right speed for the job and ensure you will not leave swirls in your workpiece. With a central feed that evenly distributes water, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher will produce a smooth and uniform finish. Quick-action, brass couplings work with 1/2-inch connectors for water hoses. Providing heavy-duty power in a lightweight package, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher weighs only 2.8 pounds, but it's tough enough to handle continuous polishing of stone, concrete, marble, and granite. The compact design allows for access to tight spaces and for easy maneuverability without fatigue. For further convenience, the sander's stable handle and durable plastic housing are insulated with powder coating to protect against cold temperatures. The air supply and exhaust are conveniently combined in one slender wrap hose that blows exhaust to the back, away from you and your workspace. For further safety, overload protection and temperature sensors prevent overheating, even when the Flex Air Stone/Polisher is tackling a large workload. more info
Alpha Portable Electric Polisher - AWP-214
Our Price: $297.78

Alpha Portable Electric Polisher - AWP-214
Portable Electric Polisher

The new generation of electric wet polishers, the AWP-158, is designed for
polishing, shaping, core drilling and light grinding. This 7.8 amp, 800-watt,
3,000 RPM machine is a powerful workhorse suitable for use in the shop or
on the job site.The AWP-158 features several improvements over previous
generations of polishers. In addition to the increased power and spindle
speed, there are two types of handles included: a side handle for edge profiling
and polishing and a “C” handle for core drilling and flat surface polishing.
There is a flat polishing caster designed to improve stability during scratch
removal operations for a better final finish. The AWP-158 is double insulated
and equipped with a power cord that is 10 feet long and has a built-in GFCI
(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for safety. Also for safety and abrasive longevity,
the polisher has a center water-feed and water supply with convenient garden
hose attachment. All these components are packed in a handy carrying case
suitable for transporting and storing the AWP-158 and its accessories.Designed
to perform polishing and several other operations, the AWP-158 is suitable for
use with the Alpha® DS Style Shaping Wheel, the Alpha® Profiler and Alpha® Core
Bits, as well as, the entire line of Ceramica polishing pads. This is a must-have tool
for all fabricators/installers of granite, marble, engineered stone and porcelain
slab and all tile contractors.
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Alpha Wet Polisher VSP-120
Our Price: $306.78

Alpha Wet Polisher VSP-120
Variable Speed Wet Polisher

Alpha® has improved the popular VSP series wet polisher with new features
to perform above and beyond your expectations! The new VSP-120 comes with
a variable speed control switch with an automatic speed feed-back system to
maintain consistent RPMs with or without a load. This switch has also
expanded the usable RPM range from 500 RPM to 2,800 RPM. The new RPM
range reduces heat build-up when polishing Engineered Stone, which eliminates
burning or scorching the work piece. Alpha® has also added a Splash Guard that
can be trimmed to adjust the height for the best comfort and protection. Every
stone fabricator should try the new VSP-120 variable speed wet polisher to achieve
the best performance and high quality results.
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Our Price: $310.00

Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application
   Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
   Soft start feature for smooth start-ups
   Easily converts to a sander
   3-prong plug to prevent static electricity accumulation
   Fast and powerful polishing for clearcoat finishes
   Lock-on button for continuous use operation

   Shown with optional wool bonnet (743403-A)
   Hook-and-Loop Pad (743052-5)
   Hex Wrench (783204-6)
   Loop Handle (416256-9)
   Side Handle (153489-2)
   Variable speed (0-3,000 RPM) with pre-set maximum speed dial; ideal for ultra slow polishing
   Lock-on button for continuous use at one speed
   Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
   Fast and powerful polishing for clear coat finishes
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Our Price: $339.00

Air Consumption: 16 cfm
Air Pressure: 90 psi
RPM 5,500
Shaft: 5/8 - 11"
Air inlet: _" npt
Max Pad 5"
Weight: 5.06 lbs
Exhaust Rear
Air Compressor Required 5 hp min.

Comes with wrench flexible back-up head, and in-line oiler.
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Our Price: $344.99

The Flex LW1503 is a 4-1/2 Wet Polisher. The Flex LW1503 is the most demanded wet polisher in the industry. This Wet Polisher is a compact, but powerful workhorse. Due to the light weight and portabilityof the LW1503 it is preferred over other wet polishers. The LW1503 is frequently used to polish surfaces and edges of natural stone (sink holes, counter top edges and other small stone surfaces). Features:Compact, but powerful workhorse.Used to polish surfaces and edges of natural stone.What's In the Box:Flex LW1503 4-1/2-Inch Wet Polisher more info
Our Price: $359.00

The Flex L 12-3 100 WET single speed polisher includes many new features. Single speed, 3700 rpm at no-load. Operator is protected by included GFCI circuit breaker. New slim design water feed system, including adjustable flow control, is fitted under the motor housing. New water connection is made of brass and is suitable for a 1/2-Inch hose; connection is not direct to the machine, but at the end of an extremely flexible 6.5-Foot long special hose, which increases flexibility and reduces weight. Front comfort grip is located directly over the polishing pad. Also features spindle lock, bail handle, and powerful 1150-Watt, 9.3-Amp motor. Features:GFCI breakerSlim Design Water FeedWhat's in the Box:Flex L 12-3 100 Wet Polisher more info
Our Price: $389.99

The new Makita Wet Stone Polisher is precision engineered for a professional finish every time it makes contact with granite, marble, limestone and more. This polisher can tackle the most demanding polishing, sanding, shaping and light grinding jobs and is equipped with Soft Start Technology, Electronic Speed Control and a Variable Speed Dial range of 2,000 - 4,000 RPM. The PW5001C has without a doubt the performance, innovation and technology demanded by professionals. Don't settle for less when you can get it all with the Makita PW5001C Wet Stone Polisher. more info
Wet/Dry Variable Speed Polisher
Our Price: $436.95

WDP-320 Wet/Dry Variable Speed Polisher

Wet/Dry Concrete Polisher

Introducing the Alpha® WDP-320, a Wet/Dry Variable Speed Polisher designed for all decorative concrete applications and wet/dry tile edge finishing. This Hybrid Polisher provides the best quality polish on concrete countertop surfaces when used with water. The included Ecoguard attachment minimizes the amount of water splashed and the in-line GFCI will provide safety and protection. A vacuum cleaner can also be attached to the Ecoguard for dry concrete floor polishing without creating dust. By removing the Ecoguard’s Front Cover and attaching the Magnetic Plate, you can polish right up to the wall. In addition, the WDP-320 is great for wet and dry tile edge polishing without the typical mess. The heavy duty step-down gear system makes this Polisher powerful even when used at the lower rpm range. If you are a decorative concrete fabricator or tile installer, this is the perfect tool for you!


Use Wet or Dry. Connect with Ecoguard for dust-free application. Step-down gear system!

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Our Price: $3,599.00

Intertool DS 301 Planetary Polisher

   Rugged, planetary powered tool designed to produce a flat, swirl free finish on counter tops, floors, walls and steps.
   The unit will grind, hone, polish or clean concrete, terrazzo, marble or granite surfaces using coated abrasives, diamond Resin pads.
   The system operates wet, as shown (slurry skirt provided), or dry with an optional dust cowl.
   There is also an handle assembly available for use on floors.
   This is a true planetary gear driven tool.
   The 12" platform turns at a lower rate than the higher rotational speed of the 5" platens.
   This combination of rpm provides the optimal speed for diamond polishing, producing a perfect finish 5 times faster than a single head polisher.
   The unit is powered by a heavy duty FEIN variable speed polisher.
   A center coolant feed, precision bearings and sturdy construction make this the ultimate tool for perfect flatness and a superior polish.


   Voltage 115 v 60 Hz
   Current 10.5 Amps
   Platen Size 5"
   Tool Weight 30 lbs
   Crated Weight 47 lbs
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