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DuPont Impregnator Pro

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Product Code: DUPIMPREG1QT

Where to Use: Natural stone such as bluestone, granite, limestone, slate & travertine. Directions: Read entire label before using. Use only as directed. 1. Ensure area is well-ventilated during application and until the surface is dry. Use a respirator if unsure that area is well-ventilated. 2. Mask any surfaces not intended to be treated. 3. Liberally apply an even coat using a paint pad, roller, brush or pump-up garden sprayer. DO NOT USE A POWER SPRAYER. 4. Allow sealer to penetrate surface for 15-30 minutes; denser stone may require more time for sealer to penetrate. During this time, distribute excess sealer over entire area to ensure even penetration. DO NOT ALLOW EXCESS TO DRY ON SURFACE. 5. Thoroughly wipe entire surface with dry cloth to remove excess from surface. 6. A second coat may be needed for more porous surfaces and should be applied one hour after initial application, as directed in steps 3-5. 7. If excess sealer was not completely wiped off and a residue appears, wipe entire surface with a towel dampened with sealer. Use a white nylon scrubbing pad to loosen residue and follow with white absorbent towel to remove. 8. Full cure is achieved after 24-72 hours; foot traffic may begin in 6-8 hours. Cover with red rosin paper if foot traffic must resume before the recommended time periods have passed. 9. Rags and equipment that are wet with product may be combustible. Method of Application: For small jobs, use a paint pad, roller or brush. Trigger spray bottles are not recommended. Trigger sprayers create overspray and may not give a uniform application. Better results will be obtained using a pad, roller or brush. For larger jobs, use a pump-up garden sprayer available at your local garden center, hardware store, or home improvement center. Coverage: Quart: 40-275 sq. ft. quart.

MSDS: http://stonetoolsupply.com/v/vspfiles/templates/AB/MSDS/dupont%20impregnator%20pro.pdf

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